Jennifer Myers, Business Coach, Keynote Speaker, Trainer

Business overview

I see myself as a change agent. I am completely focussed on making a positive difference to as many people's lives and businesses as possible through my work as one of the region's few female Business Coaches and Keynote speakers.

Products and services I offer

Each business and business owner is unique, and I am able to custom tailor my coaching and training programs to help my clients accomplish goals they have never before been able to achieve.

Whether you want to take your business to the next level and realise you need a little help to do so, or whether you just aren't sure which direction you should be heading in your business, I can help you clarify your goals, set achievable benchmarks and hold you accountable for reaching them!

If your organisation or business is searching for a Keynote Speaker or workshop facilitator who is dynamic, humourous and down-to-earth, then I'm your woman! I take pride in delivering quality content in a presentation format that is energetic, tailored to my audience and encourages participation that enhances learning.

Why I'm in the Venus Network

I'm an absolute fan of women supporting women and came on board with Venus Network to not only connect with other, like-minded female professionals for business purposes, but also to build friendships, which have become invaluable.

Over the past year and a half in Venus, I have been able to connect my Venus sisters to new clients and in return have received referrals that have turned into Speaking engagements and Coaching clients. The more you give in Venus, the more you get.

My gallery


“When we first considered bringing on a coach, our biggest fear was the investment! There are many areas in which we have learned new things and improved our business knowledge. Certainly, fleshing out a business plan has been a great step for us, and there is a sense of obligation to ‘get stuff done’, rather than put it on the back burner.

It has been Jen pushing us to do things that may not necessarily come naturally to us, but have been extremely beneficial for our business. Jen has ABSOLUTELY paid for herself in so many ways. We can’t imagine that we would be where we are now if we had been left to our own devices. Jen is there to there to keep us on track – a little bit of ‘kick in the butt’!”

Monica Senna Salerno & Jenny Oldham, owners - Cilantro Artisan Cheese

My point of difference

What sets me apart as a Business Coach, Speaker and Trainer is my ability to effectively communicate in REAL terms with both my clients and my audiences. Things that some of my clients had previously put in the "too hard" basket become things that are absolutely achievable, by looking at them in a different way. I bring a fresh perspective and energy to the table (and the stage) and function not only as a sounding board but as an external partner and accountability coach for my clients.

My latest business news

Over the past 2 years, I have had the privilege of being invited to provide Keynote Addresses at 4 National Conferences around NZ - NZ Institute of Professional Photograhers, Interflora and TONIC (for CEO's of not-for-profit organisations) and the NZ Financial Advisors Association, where I delivered keynotes on "Getting Set For Your Best Year Ever", "7 Ways To Improve Your Profits" ,"Squeezing a 60-Hour Work Week Into 30 Hours" and "Building a Client-Driven Practice."

I will be delivering workshops in just a couple months' time for both the NZFAA and KEPA at their annual conferences around examining how changing technology, changing demographics here in NZ and changing government regulation will affect what the attendees' businesses will look like in the next few years and what they can do NOW to prepare for that.