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    Group: Cambridge


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    Phone: 07 854 7191

    Mobile: 027 282 4155


    Website: www.halobiz.co.nz

  • My offer to members

    Transfer your website hosting to HaloBiz and we'll donate a % of your hosting fee onto your favourite community organisation in your name.

    You'll become a Member of the HaloBiz Network and get to benefit from all the love Google bestows upon HaloBiz Network Members.

Julie South,

Business overview

HaloBiz is committed to stimulating word-of-mouth in the online world-of-mouse.

This means anything to do with raising your business's findability and talk-about-abilty online.

HaloBiz started originally as the world's only community-minded business directory because research told us local people want to do business with local businesses that support local community organisations - they just didn't know where to go to find that information. HaloBiz donates 70% of all listing fees back into the community.

Giving away 70% of your income means your marketing needs to be sharp.

HaloBiz makes the most of social media and now shows kiwi businesses how to stimulate word-of-mouth in the online world-of-mouse.

HaloBiz polishes business halos: we make you and your business look mighty fine and easier to find online :-)

Products and services I offer

HaloBiz can help with:


start-from-scratch new website design & build (designed by marketers; coded by programmers = the very best kind);
facelift - bring your existing website into today's digital marketing world.

Web Video

everything to do with using video as part of your business's marketing strategy - including shooting, production, branding, upload, distribution.

Locum Marketing Manager

for businesses that are big enough to have a dedicated marketing function but don't need one full-time.

Social Media Coach

coaching, mentoring & guidance with your business's tailor-made social media marketing plan of action.

Social Media Marketing

full advice & set up of social media site(s) that work best for your business.

Public Relations + Reputation Management/Development

* press & media statements
* news articles

Digital Marketing Campaigns

Want to raise your profile online...?
Then a digital marketing campaign is the way to do it - a fully integrated totally cross-pollinated strategy designed to polish your halo like nothing else you've ever done before.

Search Engine Optimisation

making sure that all the 'words' on your website are written with best search engine optimisation in mind so that your 'digital real estate addresses' can be found by Google, Bing & other search engines.


* conferences
* client seminars & educationals
* value-add workshops

Why I'm in the Venus Network

Only another woman can appreciate that women do business 'different' to men.

From my very first Venus meeting I noticed the support, willingness & enthusiasm members were about other Venus members' businesses and I wanted to be a part of that!

Venus women are:

* supportive
* encouraging
* passionate
* committed
* enthusiastic

about other Venus Members' businesses.

Which woman wouldn't want to have more of that in her life?

My gallery

My point of difference

The HaloBiz Directory is the world's only community-minded business directory which means we're committed to polishing your halo and telling the world about the positive difference your business makes to your community.

We empower you to drive & manage your own ongoing marketing initiatives; we don't want you to become reliant on us!

All HaloBiz clients automatically become members of the HaloBiz Network & Directory with $$ donated to your favourite charity on your behalf!

Julie South,